• A Buddy plan with your neighbors and friends for daytime emergencies
  • An evacuation plan for your family that includes local and long-distance
  • An out-of state contact

  • ​Contact information of your Vet
  • The contact numbers your Vet has for you

  • Copies of vaccine documents
  • Medications
Go-Bag for Your Pet


  • Collar and Leash
  • Secure Carrier, muzzle
  • Food & Water for 3 days and Bowls
  • Waste disposal bags and/or litter pan
  • Treats and Toys
  • Blanket, Towel for warmth
  • Photos of you with your pet (One for you, one for their carrier)

Initiate a conversation with your Veterinarian about these items:

It’s important to be prepared. Having a bag set up with some basic essentials for your pet will ensure their comfort and well-being and make a bad situation a bit better. A Pet’s Go-Bag can be compiled from extra items you probably have in your home. A lead or leash, a can of food, a spare bag of those treats he loves, a toy, a face cloth or towel she can lay on. A container for water is sometimes smarter and certainly lighter than packing water. Your pet’s behavior is important too – will they go into a carrier quickly, or is it a fiasco? Think about how to train for cooperation.

Speak to your Veterinarian about preparedness - they can help with medication advice, micro-chipping, vaccinations and more.

There are several scenarios to consider when planning for your pet’s safety in an Emergency.

The first, and most obvious, is that you are home, and need to get out fast with your pet. Grab your Go Bag and your Pet Go-Bag and you’re out quickly.

The second, more likely, is that something happens to your home while you are out. Your pet is home and you must ask a neighbor or nearby friend to retrieve your pet. In addition to a Go-Bag, you need a Buddy Plan.

  • First aid supplies
  • Microchip and registration

You can order a ready-made Go-Bag for a $25 donation to NYC VERT by sending us an email telling us your type of pet, your name and address
​NYC VERT Is a 501 (c) (3) corporation