2001– Private veterinary response to Ground Zero on 9/11. Spontaneous organization of triage site, treatment protocols, chain of command and duties, resulting in unprecedented action by local first responders in time of national disaster. Treatment and assistance  to 200+ USAR Dogs and their handlers, 24 hours a day,  by more than 300 hundred of private veterinarians and technicians,  over an a 7 week period.

2002 – Invitation by Office of Emergency Management( OEM) for veterinary organizers from Ground Zero to aid NYC with planning for animal related issues during times of disaster. 

2002 – NYCVERT is officially formed and becomes 501 (c) 3 organization.

2002-2003 – Inception of Animal Planning Task Force of the NYC Office of Emergency Management NYC  ( APTF). NYCVERT is established as the lead veterinary organization for NYC in times of disaster. 

Participation in ( monthly/ regular) meetings at OEM, along with APTF partners, to formulate a NYC animal agenda as a top human services category, and create public awareness in Pet Preparedness and disaster response. 

+ Co-authoring of NYC Emergency Pet Preparedness guide. 
+ Establishment of reinvented shelter system allowing pets to remain with owners. 
+ Changes to public transit to allow and aid in movement pets during times of crisis. 

2003 – NYCVERT provides mobile veterinary teams to support the MTA and NYPD K-9 teamswho are present at most public events such as the US Open Golf tournament and others.

2004 – The Republican National Convention is held in NYC, creating a unique security concern.  NYCVERT is requested to support the K-9 teams and usual and to have equine expertise available for specific threat to the NYPD horses

2004 – Presentation on Disaster Preparedness at VMANYC. Confer with NYPD Equine at new stable on the Hudson River

2005 – Hurricane Katrina.   Statistics show that 40 percent of pet owners will not leave their pets behind during an evacuation. All cities are federally mandated to have an Animal Plan in place.

APTF creates the Coastal Storm Plan and theNYC Emergency Preparedness for Pets campaign.   

2006 – Work with SCSPCA on regional shelters and planning  in Eastern Long Island

2007 – APTF publishes the Ready New York for Pets guide, available at all NYC VERT affiliated hospitals.

2010 – Humanitarian trip made to aid people and animals in Haiti, following the devastation of January earthquakes. 

2011 – Hurricane Irene. The first big storm in our area since new plans in progress and first APTF response following XXXX Plan. NYCVERT is in charge of the citywide veterinary response to the human - animal storm shelters across five boroughs.

Finding One Another event to bring Canine handlers and veterinarians together for 10th anniversary of WTC

2012 – Superstorm Sandy— Massive OEM response in which APTF and NYCVERT response was highly successful given lessons learned in Irene. 

2014 – An Evening of Pet Preparedness. Community education event held at Kalvig & Shorter Veterinary Associates, co-sponsored by NYCVERT, OEM NYC, Denise Mange Dog Training, and Pet Central. 

2014 – Presentation on Disaster Preparedness at NYSVMA Fall conference2018– Presentation by NYCVERT and NYC OEM on Veterinary Disaster Preparedness at VMANYC


Emergency Management Office Animal Planning Task Force

Community Presentations on Emergency Pet Preparedness and Go Bags

+ Port Richmond CERT at SI Zoo 
+ Bide-A-Wee
+ Adoptapalooza Union Square  
+ FIDO at Prospect Park 
+ AMC PAW Day Carl Shurz Park
+ Pets and Pals at Alley Pond Park
+ Murray Hill Street Fair